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Increasing Domain Authority

This is the service everyone is talking about!!  This VERY powerful package will increase your Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR). We provide your business with high powered sites linking to your domain.  It will help google recognize that YOU are the authority in your niche. It also happens to be a very cost effective and efficient method of increasing the amount of powerful referring domains to your website. This is an ESSENTIAL services for all business websites because Domain Authority is a major ranking factor.

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Domain Authority Booster- Chess SEO

Domain Authority Booster only $799 $599

How do we BOOST your Domain Authority?

We’re always asked how we are able to guarantee that we will increase your domain authority.  Here’s how we do it…

First, we’ll create a Gmail account and create the profile. We then use this to create other accounts on high domain authority (DA) accounts. Mostly DoFollow and some NoFollow.

We’ll use sites like: GoDaddy Sites (DA 93), Over Blog (DA 93), Creative Commons (DA 95), WordPress (DA 93), Strikingly (DA 90) and many more. TheY will be a mixture of Blogs, Profiles and Redirects.

Altogether, over 100 will be manually manually created for you and these will then get indexed by search engines. We’ll then create great niche-relevant content and then backlink all of those links.

The end result will bes a mixture of blogs, profiles and manually branded accounts all linking back to your business website with a combination of mostly DoFollow and a few NoFollow links.

This increased relevancy is then passed through these high authority links which usually results in increased ratings but more importantly will result in increased organic search rankings.


Domain Authority Booster

Increases the Authority of your Website

Helps your Website Rank For Far More Keywords

  • We create a Gmail account and profile.  Then we use this in the mass account creation process.
  • Next, we’ll MANUALLY create accounts on sites like:
  • All sites will have been selected and tested solely based on their high Domain Authority, Domain Rating (DR), and other Page Authority Metrics
  • Each site is then linked to your website’s URL.
  • If the high Authority site is a blog, we post an article that creates a Do-Follow link to your Website using one of your provided keywords as its Anchor Text.
  • A Public Google Sheet link will then be backlinked along with all the high Domain Authority (DA) links created with over 5000 niche relevant blog posts to increase relevance and website Authority.
  • You will then be provided two Google Sheets. One will be made Public and the other will be Private. The Public Google Sheet will have all of your high Authority links and the Private Google Sheet will have all of the Login credentials to each site we have created an account on.
  • The created links are then published for Indexing to Omega Indexer.
  • A screenshot will be taken of your website’s Domain Authority before we start the process. After 30 days, we will update your Google Sheet with a new screenshot showing the increase of your Authority.
    • Please Note: If your starting Domain Rating is less than 10 for example, you can expect to see your Domain Authority boosted to around 30 or higher within approximately 30 days.
    • However, if your Starting Domain Authority is already above 30 or so, there won’t be much increase in your Authority but you will have a definite increase in high Authority referring domains coming into your website which  will help to increase the organic rankings for your business.

Turn Around Time: 3-4 weeks

Only Ahrefs will be used to show the Before and After results of all increases in the Domain Authority or Domain Rating

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Aggressive Tier 1 Backlinks

This VERY powerful package will increase your Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR).  Greater authority means more sales and leads.

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Domain Power Booster

This VERY powerful package will increase your Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR).  Greater authority means more sales and leads.

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Local SEO Backlinks

This package is  perfect for any local service based businesses, all brick and mortar businesses and any multi-venue (E.g.chain or franchises)