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eCommerce businesses today face fierce competition. You will need to stand out from the crowd when you launch your eCommerce store on the internet.

SEO for eCommerce websites is a complex process that requires technical expertise and technical insight. It’s one of the services that we are most passionate about, and it’s a good thing for you. We love to analyze data and find holes in websites that could use some TLC. We work with all platforms, including Magneto, WooCommerce Shopify, BigCommerce, and custom HTML sites.

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Our Toronto SEO services helps businesses drive net-new sales and leads with ethical strategies delivering fast results.

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Local SEO is best for businesses that have a local service area like retail stores, dentists, plumbers and other local businesses

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Our Shopify SEO experts will rank your online store  by increasing your audience, conversions and sales

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Boost Your Online Store Sales with eCommerce SEO



What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a technique for improving a website’s organic rank in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It involves high-quality written content, proper meta tags, off-page links popularity, and high-quality text. The website’s content, blog posts or product descriptions are all optimized to match keywords commonly searched in a particular niche. This allows search engines to better understand your business, rank you higher for related search phrases, and make it easier for search engines to find your website.

We are a premier Toronto SEO company. We know SEO inside and out.

How does eCommerce SEO work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of improving a website’s ranking on search engines results pages. Your site can grow significantly by focusing on technical and development work, optimizing content development and outreach efforts. 

  • Increased visibility results in increased brand awareness / exposure 
  • Traffic increases conversions and revenue.

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Affordable eCommerce SEO

Why choose Chess SEO as your Toronto eCommerce SEO Agency

With custom SEO campaigns, you can empower your brand’s online presence

It’s never a good idea to pick just any eCommerce SEo company to work with. You’ll need to make sure that they listen to your business goals and can meet your expectations.

For over 12 years, Chess SEO has provided the highest quality and most affordable SEO services to eCommerce businesses. We offer a variety of services that will help increase your eCommerce store’s visibility in search engines. Our marketing team will tirelessly work with you to increase brand awareness and grow your eCommerce business.

Chess SEO is your Toronto SEO agency. Our clients have seen brand awareness increase through our tailored eCommerce SEO solutions. Our eCommerce SEO campaigns have helped hundreds of businesses establish their brand identity on various online platforms.

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Why Choose Us Over Other SEO Companies In Toronto

These are the top reasons to partner with us over other SEO companies in Toronto.

Expert SEO Team

Our brilliant Toronto SEO team is responsible for all of our success campaigns. They are the core of our company. The Chess SEO team of SEO experts is never tired of inspiring each other and going above and beyond to help clients and improve our services. You can expect top-quality output from all members of our team, including our project managers and specialists.

Comprehensive SEO Knowledge

Why settle for an Toronto SEO company that won’t help you reach your goals? The Chess SEO Company in Toronto has proven to be a reliable provider of smart SEO solutions that have produced exceptional results for hundreds of businesses. This has been our business for over a decade. We never stop learning new strategies to offer you the best SEO services.

Targeted Keyword Research

To convey the core purpose of your website to search engines, we strategically incorporate highly relevant and localized keywords. A more precise keyword will convert more searches into sales. Search engines will trust websites that use keywords. It also helps them rank higher. Search engines will not penalize your website if you use black-hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing.

Blog Content

Blog content can be a great way of generating internal links to your site. It also allows you to communicate authoritative, informative content to your customers on a regular basis. Our team incorporates strong calls-to-action (CTAs) in blog posts to direct visitors to various areas of your website. This will increase your click through rate and increase your CRO.

Website Structure

Coalition Technologies does extensive market research to find out what customers are searching for. Your site is then optimized based on your customers’ actual needs. We ensure responsive web design. This is because we prioritize the functionality of your site as well as its aesthetics.

eCommerce Website Speed Optimization

Site speed is an important aspect of functionality. Nearly 40% of visitors leave sites that take more than three seconds. Bounce rates can negatively impact your CRO, and lead to lost customers.

PR Outreach

Establishing positive relationships with websites of high authority and obtaining inbound links will increase your website’s “link juice”. Our outreach team works with industry experts to create high-quality content for publication on third-party sites. Natural linking is where sites link to you without taking any action. We can create a diverse link profile, and then start to generate content that eventually leads back to your domain.

Website Error Discovery and Removal

Ecommerce websites are plagued by 404 errors, 302 redirects (or temporary), and duplicate content. Our team redirects all 404 errors back to the homepage. We also change all 302 redirects to redirect to 301 to make sure your customers get to the correct page. We remove duplicate content and meta descriptions and optimize them with unique copy.

Ongoing Keyword Research

Keyword research is a constant task because consumers’ needs evolve over time. It’s important to stay on top of a growing market. Your site will continue to grow in value and reputation. It is important to stay on top of any new keyword opportunities that could help you sustain your success.

Our Most Frequently Asked Question

Your eCommerce SEO Specialists

What makes eCommerce SEO different from normal SEO ?

An ecommerce company SEO campaign is about focusing on key areas that will help the site grow. An ecommerce company will still need to follow the standard SEO operating procedures (i.e. technical and development website work and optimized copy on-site, as well as external outreach efforts), but it is important to ensure that strategic efforts convert customers to sales. eCommerce SEO strategies may be more focused on user experience tasks that might help shoppers shop. Keywords that are focused on reaching the right audience and creating outreach opportunities that help people locate your site.

Do eCommerce businesses need SEO ?

eCommerce SEO is generally required for any online business to achieve success.  In fact, it can be easily argued that eComerce websites have a greater need for eCommerce SEo because of the inherent competition of the online shopping space.  SEO is essential for ecommerce shops to be at the top of their field. It is crucial to capitalize on the rankings for related key words in order to increase site traffic and boost a site’s sales potential.

How will eCommerce SEO help my store?

Search engines remain the main internet channel for traffic and business. eCommerce SEO is essential for eCommerce stores. It helps to identify keywords that are relevant to your products and rank high in search engines. This in turn increases revenue growth.

How much does eCommerce SEO in Toronto cost?

eCommerce SEO in Toronto, like any other major city in the world can sometimes get expensive. It takes many factors to optimize a website. These include the number of pages, assets, services areas, technologies and type of eCommerce site.  Chess SEO offers affordable Toronto eCommerce SEO packages and we do our best to accommodate evey budget.


Is eCommerce SEO cheaper than normal SEO services?

For the most part, eCommerce SEO pricing would not be different for an ecommerce shop or a lead generation company. Although our pricing recommendations and approach will differ, our pricing is based upon the  specific needs of a business. We often spot additional success opportunities and offer recommendations to our clients to help them choose the best option for their budget.

Why Chess SEO as your Toronto SEO Company ?

We are the ideal candidate to help your eCommerce business  achieve its goals because of our values, knowledge and expertise. We offer the best eCommerce SEO services in Toronto thanks to our expert eCommerce SEO team, web designers, developers, and web engineers.

Do I need to hire an eCommerce SEO Company ?

Although it may be possible for business owners and marketing managers to learn eCommerce SEO best practices in a few years for their online store, it is difficult, time-consuming to manage, maintain, and promote an ecommerce store. To be successful, it requires experience, skill and alot of SEO industry knowledge.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

eCommerce SEO can take anywhere from 3 to 5 months for you to start seeing results. To keep up with search engine updates, we encourage clients to improve and update their websites frequently.

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