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Google My Business Optimization Service

Are you looking to have your Google My Business listing rank higher than the competition? Our Google My Business Optimization Service will help your business get there.  The Chess SEO Google My Business Optimization Service was created for people who have a GMB listing but aren’t sure if they are doing all they can to maximize their results.

Our Google My Business Optimization Service will save you the time and effort of researching best practices and trying to implement them yourself.


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Local SEO is a marketing strategy that assists businesses in gaining visibility on search engines for keywords.


GMB Optimization

Google My Business Services is a process of optimising your GMB to show up in Google’s local search results.

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Ranking GMBs
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What is Google My Business Services

Your Google Business Profile ( formerly called Google My Business ) appears to someone who searches for your business via Google. It contains important information such as your business name, address and hours.

Your Google Business Profile can be a powerful asset if it is optimized and set up correctly according to what your ideal customers search for.

A complete profile is essential to help potential customers find you, learn more about your company, and encourage them to contact you.

Problem: Local business owners are not aware of the opportunities that a Google Business Profile offers. The leads it captures are local customers who are interested in doing business.

Our Solution: We help local businesses optimize their Google Business Profiles and publish relevant content (based upon what people are searching) to the profile between 3-4 times per week. This allows you to rank your profile and attract more traffic and leads.

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Getting Your business More Exposure

With this service you will work directly with one of our Chess SEO GMB experts who will audit your existing listing, and then lead the implementation of an action plan designed to bring your listing to the top of the local pack.

We have optimized hundreds of  Google My Business listings. We can optimize your Google My Business listings.

How Google My Business Optimization Works

Google Business Profile Optimization Service consists of five steps:

1. We need to know about your location

We will use our simple Google My Business Optimization Service to capture all details about your business and optimize your profile. This process should take approximately 10 minutes.

2. We will audit your listing

The next step is to conduct a 100-step audit of your GMB list based on the best practices that we have learned over the last 5 years. A detailed checklist will be provided that will show exactly where your listing is at.

3. We create an action plan

After the audit is complete, your account manager will prepare a personalized action plan detailing how we will optimize your listing. After you have reviewed and approved, we move on to optimizing your Google My Business listing.

4. We Optimize and Enhance Your Google My Company Listing

After we have completed the action plan your account manager will start to implement any changes or updates necessary to optimize your Google Business Profile listing. Once they are done, they will make sure that your listing has an updated checklist.

5. You will see higher rankings, more traffic, calls, and revenue!

Once your Google My Business listing has been optimized, you will start to see more results in 30 to 90 business days. This gives you some time to prepare for any new business opportunities that may come your way.

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Understanding Shopify SEO

Undserstanding Shopify SEO

This is everything that our monthly Google Business Profile Service includes.

1. Consult And Audit of Your Google Business Profile

We offer a free audit to your Google Business Profile. We will be able to see how your profile ranks if it has been completed correctly. Also, we can identify the local competition and suggest ways that it can be improved over time to increase traffic, leads and sales.

2. Google Business Profile Optimization And Weekly Publishing

An optimized Google Business Profile is one way to reach new customers. It is easy to get new customers by filling out your GMB profile. We take care of all the details with our monthly Google Business Profile Service.

3. Post Your Weekly Offers

We can engage new traffic and leads by posting relevant offers to Google Business Profile. This allows us to present them with attractive offers, deals and services that will motivate them to get in touch with us. Another great feature Google offers to local business owners is the ability to connect with potential clients and customers.

4. Create Services And Products On Your GMB

We can send another signal to Google, and your potential customers, by creating relevant product and service categories on the Google Business Profile. This is based on our highly targeted keyword research before we work with a local company. Each component that we add to the Google Business Profile has been done with the intent of driving traffic.

5. Add Relevant Business Photos

Google ranks local businesses by uploading photos of their services, team members, location, and business. To help Google understand what you are uploading to their Google Business Profile, we help you tag each image with relevant information about your business and place.

6. Monthly Google My Business Report

We will send you a detailed Google Business Profile report at the end of each month to keep you informed about the results. This report will show you how your website ranks and how much traffic is coming in. It also provides a detailed breakdown of the Google Business Profile’s performance against the competition.

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Google Business Profile Optimization Service


Most seasoned SEO professionals begin at the same spot  in the SEO process to achieve success in digital marketing using a location-based strategy: creating a Google My Business Listing.

Google Business Profile ( Google My Business ) (GMB), a free Google tool that allows business owners to manage their online presence through the search engine and its expanding portfolio of utilities, offers brands the best chance for local exposure.

Google’s Local Search Results, which provide a list of nearby businesses as well as all the information necessary to locate a business (e.g. address, business hours and category) and possibly buy it, highlight the importance of a GMB listing for both established and new businesses.

Local businesses, even those with no SEO knowledge, are well aware of GMB listings and how easy it can be to get traffic to your business if your company is listed. You don’t need to be an expert in internet marketing to list your business on GMB. This will allow you to get traffic and marketing free of charge. It is common knowledge that being listed higher than your competitors comes down to correct optimization of your Google My Business listing.

Every listing optimization package includes 500 words of native content about your business that explains its features, benefits, and charms. This is an important optimization factor to be listed higher.

We can assist you in all aspects of the submission process, including verifying your listing after you have received your confirmation letter from Google. We make it as easy as possible for you, which is what we consider the best service we can offer.


Websites & GMB Working Together

Google My Business

FAQs about Optimization Service

How long will it take to optimize my Google Business Profile ?

The Google My Business Optimization Service takes approximately two (2) to four (3) weeks from the time you start it. Since you’ll be working with a Gorilla-Certified(tm) GMB expert, you’ll be kept up to date every step of the way. Your account manager will keep you in touch if you’re optimizing multiple listings.

When can we expect to start seeing results?

It depends on the market and industry. Customers of the Google My Business Optimization Service see results in 30 to 90 days. It may be that some customers begin seeing results almost immediately, however the average time for Google My Business optimization is 90 days.

Is this service included in your SEO packages?

Our Google My Business Optimization focuses only on optimizing your GMB listing. Website optimization is completely separate from this services.

Does this GMB optimization service guarantee results?

Optimizing your Google My Business listing can help you rank higher, increase traffic and leads. However, it is important to continue managing and promoting your business in order get the best out of it. Google My Business is constantly changing.

Who approves the content and posts?

There are two options. You can request a manual review of any content, edits, or posts. We will then send you the suggested changes and wait for your approval before we implement them. You can also opt to have the account manager approve your auto-approve. Customers prefer to auto-approve. Our team can handle content, edits and Q&As for both options.


Our GMB SEO Packages

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6 Months GMB SEO

$299 /Month

Optimised Posts
Optimised Info
Optimised Map Embed
2 GMB Press Releases
Optimised Images
Competition Research
 2 Video Embeds
2 GMB Blog Posts

12 Months GMB SEO

$499 /Month

Optimised Posts
Optimised Info
Optimised Map Embed
 4 GMB Press Releases
Optimised Images
Competition Research
 5 Video Embeds
 5 GMB Blog Posts

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